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App Promotion & Product Marketing With The Power Of 60,000 Early Adopters

ErliBird Product Marketing gives high quality products an additional way to grow and get noticed. Get honest product reviews, blog postings, social media promotion, and exposure on our weekly Featured Products email to 60,000 early adopters.

  • Email Exposure to 60,000 Early Adopters

  • App Reviews & Ratings

  • Social Media Shares

Email Exposure & Validation

Think you might have a great product? Put your startup to the test with widespread email exposure and true honest feedback to help you validate your idea and spread the word.

Our exposure service, called BetaPit, is like Shark Tank, but you're judged by our global community of 60,000 early adopters alongside several other new products.

You'll walk away with new users and valuable feedback on what most consumers think about your product.

Honest App Reviews & Ratings

With increased competition and importance within Apple and Google ranking algorithms, it's vital to ensure you have a strategy to encourage quality app store reviews from users that love your app.

We'll pair you with a focus group of early-adopters that match your target audience to help drive real engagement from relevant users that can lead to honest and ethical reviews that help you get to the top of the app charts.

Grassroots Marketing

Are you looking for additional exposure through social media shares and blog posts?

Let us get creative and pair you with early-adopters that match your target audience to lead the effort to spread the word online. We can help you generage high-quality honest product reviews, blog posts throughout the web, and social media sharing.

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We've helped over 1,500 leading companies build better products, from promising new startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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