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Your New Global App Testing Team

ErliBird QA provides bug & device testing and the power to launch apps that work flawlessly every time. Find bugs before your users do with a global tester community that puts your app to the test in the real-world, with every device in every location.

  • Unlimited Bug Discovery

  • Run Test Cases

  • Across Every Major Device

How Does It Work?

ErliBird QA provides real-world app testing with a global community of 70,000+ testers to test your apps in real-world conditions on every major device.

Simply define your testing scope, device types, and locations. You get unlimited Exploratory Testing iterations as users put your app to the test and uncover important bugs and technical issues. You can also create Formal Test Cases to have users verify important functioanality on a wide range of devices in the real-world.

Stay updated in real-time with detailed bug reports including screen shots and video screen captures to help you reproduce and fix every important issue. You get continuous agile testing, and the power to launch new app releases that work flawlessly every time.

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Define Testing Scope
Exploratory Testing & Formal Test Cases
Continuous Agile Testing
Choose the devices types and locations to test and define the scope of testing.
Ask users to explore and discover bugs on their own, or define formal test cases to execute.
Run unlimited new test iterations any time and discover bugs before your customers do.

What Do You Get?

ErliBird provides you with an on-demand global testing team, an expert project manager to guide you, and powerful tools for exploratory testing and formal test case execution.

You get continuous agile testing as you release new features, and the ability to stay on top of every issue in real-time through your project dashboard.

Zoom in on every issue with detailed bug reports, with screenshots and video/audio screen captures that allow you to easily reproduce and fix important bugs.

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Bug & Device Testing Expert
Global On-Demand Testing Team
Unlimited Exploratory Test Iteraitons
Detailed Bug Reports
You will be assigned an expert project manager to guide you.
Leverage the power of a community of 70,000+ testers - Your new global app testing team.
Run unlimited Exploratory Testing iterations as you release new features.
Solve important bugs fast with video/audio screen captures and screenshots.

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We've helped over 1,500 leading companies build better products, from promising new startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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