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Beta Management Platform

A custom beta testing portal to engage your own users & customers

A successful beta program is more than just analyzing crash logs and pushing new builds. Our Beta UX Platform gives you the power to run successful beta tests with your own users & customers, designed to maximize engagement and collect UX feedback.

  • App Distribution & Onboarding

    Distribute your app and onboard your existing users like magic, for iOS, Android, web, and physical products.

  • Surveys, Tasks & Communication.

    Engage users and collect feedback with on-demand surveys, tasks, and communications.

  • Your Own Branded Test Portal

    Launch new tests on demand, collect and share data with stakeholders.

Onboard Users Seamlessly

No more app distribution headaches.

Making users jump through hoops is not the best way to start a beta program. To make the most of your beta test and delight your users in the process, you need to eliminate all barriers preventing them from getting started.

  • Invite your existing users via email or refer them to your custom landing page.

  • App installation so easy, it's basically magic. No more struggling with UDIDs, installing profiles, Enterprise licenses, or APK issues. Users don't need to wait around to get access, they just get started immediately.

  • Integrates with TestFlight, Google Play beta testing, or any third party system.

  • Don't just send an app, onboard users into your beta program. Optionally run screening surveys, distribute an NDA, along with initial test tasks, instructions, of feedback questions.

Engage Users & Collect Feedback

A beta platform focused on UX feedback.

A beta program can be so much more than crash logs and bug reports (we do those too). This is your opportunity to connect and engage with users and collect high quality feedback.

  • Distribute tasks, surveys, and communications on-demand.

  • Design custom re-usable test processes.

  • Collect bug reports and usability issues.

  • Review results live online with easy-to-use reporting, or export your results to spreadsheet.

Brand Your Test Portal

Launch new tests on-demand

Build your own community of advocates and early adopters, and leverage this pool of users for on-demand tests for future product updates and launches.

  • Design a custom landing page for each test, customize your logo, images, and subdomain.

  • Send invites to your existing pool of testers with device targeting, demographic targeting and screening surveys.

  • Get help from ErliBird experts to design, manage, and execute your test.

Use Cases

User Experience

Get a deep understanding of the user experience with organic engagement & feedback.

Real-World Interaction

Test apps that need real-world engagement: Live media, fitness, productivity, etc.

Algorithms & AI

Collect data and engagement analytics to tune your algorithms and AI.

Battery Testing

Test your app’s battery consumption on real devices with real-world usage.

Longitudinal Studies

Collect feedback over days or weeks from the same users.

Content Creation

Generate content: Pictures, profiles, stories, videos, etc.

Load Testing

Test your app with many users at the same time.

Multiple Users

Test interaction between users: Games, communication, sharing, etc.

Beta Management Pricing

A custom beta testing portal to engage your own users & customers.

Free Trial
Explore our beta management software for 14 days free.

No credit card required

  • Try 1 test free
  • 25 testers
  • 2 surveys
  • 1 platform (Android, iOS, etc)
  • Bug Reports & Messaging
  • Custom Branding
  • 2 admins
Complete beta platform with < 100 testers.

USD, monthly

  • 2 tests per month
  • 100 testers
  • 8 surveys per month
  • Multiple platforms in one test
  • Bug Reports & Messaging
  • Custom Branding
  • 3 admins
Comprehensive beta platform for robust testing with more users.

USD, monthly

  • 10 tests per month
  • 1,000 testers
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Multiple platforms in one test
  • Bug Reports & Messaging
  • Enhanced branding
  • 5 admins
Our professional team consults with you to design and manage a successful test.

Minimum budget

  • All Pro features & more
  • Unlimited tests
  • Unlimited testers
  • Single sign on
  • Custom API integrations
  • Consulting, Project mgmt
  • Unlimited admins

Frequently asked questions

How are "Testers" defined?

A "tester" is any tester within your company account on ErliBird. This can be a user you invite, or if you choose to have a public landing page, any user that applies to test is also considered a tester.

When are we charged?

Our free plan is available for 14 days without any credit card. The Basic or Professional plan are billed monthly, and can be cancelled any time (no refunds are given for payments already made).

Can we upgrade or downgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time and your subscription will be prorated for that month. Downgrades take effect at the next billing cycle.

Can we run tests with our own users, and also with users recruited by ErliBird?

Our beta management platform subscription allows you to run tests with your own users. You can order a test on-demand at any time with targeted recruiting from our tester community (See our Beta Testing or our Quick App Feedback packages).

You can't currently mix your users with our community testers, but you can easily copy a test to run it with your users and our community simultaneously.

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