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Beta Testing

Custom 1-week beta test. The easy way to recruit real-world beta testers and collect user feedback at scale.

  • Define your target audience demographics and screening survey

  • Customize the test process, required tasks and surveys

  • Easily analyze your results online, export to spreadsheet

No more headaches finding engaged testers.

Quickly and easily source engaged testers from our global panel of 100,000 real-world users. Define your target audience demographics including location, gender, age, education, income, tech experience, social apps used, and more.

Custom screening surveys.

Create a screening survey for refined targeting on any other criteria: interests, lifestyle, etc. All applicants must pass the survey before being accepted into the test.

Test any platform, pre-launch or live, without any code to install.

Test on iOS, Android, web, Mac and Windows at any stage, whether in prototype or live in the App Store. We work with the tools your developer already loves, and require absolutely zero code changes.

Launch new tests on-demand.

Launching new tests is quick and easy. Start with a preconfigured template, design your test from scratch, or simply copy an existing test with the click of a button for your next iteration.

Get immediate engagement

Within minutes, you'll begin to see real user installs and engagement. We make it incredibly easy for testers. No messing with complex profiles, UDIDs, or anything. Testers simply install your app, and you get higher engagement and better feedback.

Follow participation in real-time through your project dashboard and communicate with individual testers to ask follow-up questions or provide support.

Collect detailed bug reports.

Get detailed bug reports with our Pro or Enterprise packages. Communicate with testers to resolve bugs and you can even push updates and validate bug-fixes during your campaign.

Want to allow users to submit bugs directly within your app? We also support integration with Instabug webhooks to supplement bug reports with rich in-app data like memory usage, network connectivity, and reproduction steps.

Quickly analyze feedback and share with your team.

Easily review and analyze your summary reports including in-depth survey qualitative and quantitative data. All charts and raw data are available online and for export to CSV.

We also provide helpful benchmarking reports to compare and measure data across test iterations, devices, or surveys.

Frequently asked questions

How does ErliBird Beta Testing work?

ErliBird Beta Testing packages are robust, multi-session tests that provide high quality engagement and feedback over a 1-week test process.

You get testers that match your target audience, robust engagement, and high quality feedback, bug reports, and tester communication.

How do you recruit testers?

The ErliBird community includes over 100,000 beta testers globally with access to millions more through partner networks. For each test, we recruit targeted testers that match your demographic requirements and pass a custom screening survey.

Do you guarantee quality engagement?

Yes, we do!

In fact, for each 1-week test, we recruit 2X the participants needed to ensure we meet this promise, because we know some users will drop off during the test. For example, for our Professional package we guarantee that at least 50+ finish the entire test process with high quality feedback, so we recruit 100+ users into the test.

Who are the testers?

Our community includes a very wide variety of demographics, interests, and abilities: Business professionals, students, moms / dads, developers, and everything in between.

The common thread is that all our testers are passionate about providing feedback and playing a meaningful role to help launch better, more successful products! In exchange for their quality feedback, each tester earns a reward. We coordinate incentives, so you don't have to (the cost is already included in our pricing).

What is the quality of the feedback?

Quality is our primary focus and we guarantee it. If you aren't happy, simply reject any user that hasn't provided quality feedback and we'll replace or refund them.

The effort and quality of ErliBird testers is well known in the industry and is often dramatically more robust than that received through traditional market research providers.

We’ve helped over 1,500 companies launch better products.

Beta Testing Pricing

Custom 1-week test with high quality feedback: 10-20 testers.

USD, One time fee

  • 1 week test
  • 10-20 testers
  • 2 sets of Tasks & Feedback
  • Refined targeting
  • Bug reports
  • Tester communication
  • Quality Results Guaranteed
Custom 1-week test with high quality feedback: 50-100 testers.

USD, One time fee

  • 1 week test
  • 50-100 testers
  • 2 sets of Tasks & Feedback
  • Refined targeting
  • Bug reports
  • Tester communication
  • Quality Results Guaranteed
Our professional team consults with you to design and manage a successful test.

Minimum budget

  • All Pro features & more
  • Branded test portal
  • Physical products & logistics
  • Invite your own testers
  • Consulting & best practices
  • Multi-week tests
  • Niche targeting