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Quality Features

Designed to help you launch better products and save time and money.

  • Easy Product Distribution

    We make it incredibly easy for you to give testers access to your product. We work seamlessly with TestFlight, Crashalytics, etc., or distribute directly through ErliBird. No need to worry about UDIDs, resending email invites, or any other headaches.

  • Targeted Testers

    We connect you with targeted real-world testers from our community of 70,000. No more struggling with ads, A/B testing, email invites, survey distribution and incentives. We focus on recruiting so you can focus on your product.

  • Custom Surveys

    Collect high-quality quantitative and qualitative feedback from testers through custom surveys. Use our standard templates or create your own in minutes. Analyze results in real time with easy-to-read bar charts and quality text-based feedback.

  • NDAs & Confidentiality

    If your product demands security and confidentiality, we can deliver. Our platform is designed so that only authenticated and invited testers have access to your project information. We can also facilitate NDAs for all testers.

  • Test Cases

    Design test cases easily in written English and crearte task sets in minutes using our simple drag-and-drop editor. Release new task sets on demand to your group of testers and begin to collect quality results in minutes.

  • Direct Communication

    Quality communication is not a one way street. Reply to testers and ask follow-up questions on anything that needs clarification: bug reports, survey feedback, etc. Answer support questions or provide guidance throughout the testing process.

  • Bug Reports

    Collect detailed bug reports directly through ErliBird or your favorite integrated bug submission tool. We motivate testers to provide quality bug reports and validated bugs fixes so you can launch a product that works flawlessly every time.

  • User Videos

    Get screen-capture user videos including audio and web cams for in-deph live feedback on the user experience and quickly resolve usability issues. Videos also provide additional insight for bugs, crashes, and technical problems.

  • Benchmarking

    Track results and benchmark improvement over time. Run multiple iterations as you improve your product and get invaluable tangible insight that your changes have produced clear positive results.

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