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Quick Feedback

The fastest way to get real-world app engagement and feedback now for decisions that can't wait. Get on-demand survey-based feedback from targeted users in minutes for Android and iOS apps, websites, Mac & Windows.

  • Choose from 12 consumer audience groups

  • Create your feedback survey

    12 questions, 20 minutes per user

  • Get actionable feedback in hours

  • We Supply Targeted Testers

    Easily choose your target audience from 12 pre-defined audience segments. We supply US-based testers from our global community of over 100,000 testers.

  • Test On Any Platform

    Test on iOS, Android, Web, Mac or Windows. We make distribution completely pain free for you, your developers, and your testers. We require absolutely zero code changes.

  • Create a Custom Survey

    Choose from pre-defined templates or create your test from scratch. Add tasks, instructions, and survey questions (e.g. multiple choice, text, check boxes, etc).

  • Get Feedback In Minutes

    Get real user installs and actionable feedback in minutes. Easily review, share, and analyze reports with your team.

Sample Results

Take a sample test


  • Survey Report

  • Raw Data Export

Use Cases

Fast Feedback

Real feedback about anything in your app from real-world users in minutes.

App Messaging

Learn how users interpret your communications and app store listings.

A/B Testing

Test two different app experiences and compare the results.

Resolve Internal Disputes

Get clear answers and resolve internal disputes with actionable data.

Unbiased Opinions

Get unbiased opinions from users that have nothing at stake.

Sanity Check

Test your new build in the real-world and ensure the major functions still work.

Net Promoter Score

Track NPS with new users as you continue to iterate on your app.

Onboarding Experience

Get feedback on first impressions and learn how users first experience your app.

Quick Feedback Pricing

Targeted user feedback in hours: 25 testers.

USD, One time fee

  • Single-session test
  • 25 testers
  • Feedback survey
  • Quality results guaranteed
Targeted user feedback in hours: 50 testers.

USD, One time fee

    • Single-session test
    • 50 testers
    • Feedback survey
    • Quality results guaranteed
Targeted user feedback in hours: 100 testers.

USD, One time fee

    • Single-session test
    • 100 testers
    • Feedback survey
    • Quality results guaranteed

Frequently asked questions

What is ErliBird Quick Feedback?

Our Quick Feedback packages provide fast, high quality feedback from your chosen consumer target audience group. Each tester completes any tasks and questions you've designed, and provides quality feedback after one usage session.

What are the primary differences between the Quick Feedback and Beta Testing packages?

Our Beta Testing packages are more robust tests over days or weeks. Beta Tests include include refined targeting and two (or more) feedback surveys, in addition to bug reports and live tester communication.

In contrast, our Quick Feedback packages are quick tests where users test immediately and give their feedback in one sitting (~20 minutes).

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes - Quality is our primary focus. Our goal is to help you get real, honest feedback fast. If you aren't happy, simply reject any user that hasn't provided quality feedback and we'll replace or refund them.

Are there any restrictions?

For our Quick Feedback packages, you cannot collect personally identifiable information. Testers will use temporary emails for registration. We reserve the right to reject any tests we deem inappropriate.

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