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User Acquisition

Get real downloads, registrations, and feedback on your messaging and onboarding processes.

  • Instant downloads, registrations, and engagement from targeted users

  • No setup required. No surveys to create.

  • Get high quality feedback in hours

Get real downloads and registrations fast.

Quickly test your user acquisition, messaging, and onboarding processes with targeted users.

We supply targeted testers from one of 12 US-based consumer audience segments from our community of over 100,000 testers.

No setup required. No surveys to create.

Simply provide a registration URL, or TestFlight / Google Play beta details. We make distribution completely seamless.

Testers register, complete onboarding, and provide their quick feedback on the experience. Each tester uses a temporary email address provided for registration - no personally identifiable information may be collected.

Get quality feedback in hours, including star rating & Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Each user will complete our standard survey to provide their feedback on the app marketing/messaging, onboarding, star rating, and net promoter score (NPS) in addition to quality text-based feedback

Easily review and analyze your summary reports including in-depth survey qualitative and quantitative data. All charts and raw data are available online and for export to CSV.

Frequently asked questions

How does ErliBird User Acquisition Testing work?

Our User Acquisition Testing packages are designed to get targeted downloads, registrations, and engagement for feedback on your user acquisition, messaging, and onboarding processes. We recruit targeted testers that complete onboarding and provide quick feedback on the experience.

Does ErliBird guarantee downloads and quality feedback?

Yes, we guarantee the results: If you see that a user hasn't registered or provided quality feedback, simply reject their submission and we'll replace or refund them.

Can we track user registrations and analytics?

Yes, we provide you with the registration data used for each tester (e.g. email or phone number) so you can cross reference in your system and track analytics using your own tools.

How do users register for my app? Does ErliBird support email registration, phone verification, or Facebook login?

We support apps that use email registration, phone number verification, and/or Facebook login. For email registration, each tester will be provided with a unique, dynamically-generated temporary email address to use for registration for your app.

For phone number verification, testers will use dynamically-generated VOIP numbers that they can check online. You must not disallow VOIP phone number verification in your app. If your app requires Facebook login, each tester will use a different Test Facebook account for login.

Are there any restrictions?

You cannot collect personally identifiable information (e.g. real email address, phone number, name, etc). We provide temporary login credentials for users to use for your app (see the question above).

Will users continue to use my app in the future?

Users are free to continue to use your app in the future as much as they'd like (we don't require it). If they love the experience of using your app, they will. Many testers have a natural affinity for products that they have tested and want to see that product succeed.

It depends entirely on your product and what each user feels about it. Our User Acquisition packages are designed for feedback on your acquisition, messaging, and onboarding processes, not as a replacement for organic user acquisition.

How fast can we start?

After submission, we'll review your project details and approve within 24 hours if everything looks good. You can then initiate the test at any time, and start getting results within hours.

We’ve helped over 1,500 companies launch better products.

User Acquisition Pricing

Downloads, registrations, and feedback from 50 testers.

USD, One time fee

  • All platforms supported
  • Results in hours
  • 50 testers
  • Quality results guaranteed
Downloads, registrations, and feedback from 200 210 testers. 10 testers free.

USD, One time fee

  • All platforms supported
  • Results in hours
  • 200 testers
  • Now get 10 testers free
  • Quality results guaranteed
Downloads, registrations, and feedback from 300 testers.

USD, One time fee

  • All platforms supported
  • Results in hours
  • 300 testers
  • Quality results guaranteed